Join our group of volunteers with amazing benefits!
Earn $8/hour in-store credit to get anything
you want, anytime
Easy work -- hang & tag clothing, clean &
Help out when you want
You can bring your kids!
Please visit our store to learn more and to
sign up.

Summer Special! Get a free single toy
(megabloks, activity table or ride
on toy)
rental with any rental taking
place prior to
September 30, 2014.
Must mention promo
when making a

If baby is visiting town, make it easier on
yourself with a rental for all your needs. We
rent anything a baby needs. We also
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Free Delivery & Pickup available with
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Examples of popular rentals include:
Crib and Port a crib rentals
Stroller rentals
Beach chair & towel rentals
Car seat rentals
Toy rentals
High chair rentals
Booster chair rentals
Pack n play rentals
Exersaucer & Bouncer Rentals
and much more...

Bonita Springs
Marco Island

Clothing - Baby, Kids (size premie
to kids 16) & Maternity
Toys - for all ages
Baby Gear - strollers, highchairs,
swings, pack n plays & more
Furniture - cribs, changing tables
And much more!

Meaty Mondays: all meat baby food
is buy 1 get 1 free
Two for Tuesdays: all books are
buy 1 get 1 free ( free item of equal
or lesser value)
Onesie Wednesdays: resale
onesies are just $1, all brands and
Thrifty Thursdays - buy a reusable
Twinkle bag for $1, and get 10% of
your purchase value back in store
credit for a future purchase. Reuse
your Twinkle bag every Thursday
for the promo.
Freebie Friday: get a free photo
album, 3-d mini puzzle, coin sorter
bank or inspirational deck cards
with any purchase.
These customers love us and WE LOVE YOU TOO!

"What a marvelous store! My wife and I spotted this place on our way to breakfast next door, and we're both so glad we stopped in! We found many items for our
future child (she's six months right now),  as well as some for her (a steal on maternity jeans) and some terrific advice on things we had already ordered through other
means. We both wish we had such a store near our home in central Illinois. We'll done, TTLS!"   Darren K.,   5/21/2013

"Customer_service is always such a pleasure. I was hoping to find a rocker under $20 but I ended up with one that will grow with my child for $25. You have such
a great variety already.  Love the roominess and organization."   Dorothy Moreno   1/25/2013

"Great clothing store. Here you can find everything for a very good price."   Larissa Gallo     12/2013

"They moved to a much bigger warehouse like place behind Wendy's off 41 North. Friendly staff are all moms and very helpful with practical advice. They have
new items as well as used. Buy toys here and just bought a new reusable swimmy diaper. You can also rent strollers, etc. Lots of fun to browse as well as shop.
Bring your little ones, there is a big indoor play area. Def this Grandma's playpen. TIP: Always check in Yelp for offers"   Gloria S.   11/19/2012

"Short story, time before when I was in I picked up some costumes for my grandchildren and sent them off to Idaho.  My 2 ½ yr old granddaughter saw the big box
for her and asked her mom “Is it my birthday again.”  I gain so much pleasure shopping at Twinkle Twinkle and sending the items off to the grandkids, and they
love receiving packages in the mail (plus the items help the parents on a tight budget out).  I am so enjoying your new location and store, and the staff are all so
friendly and helpful."   Pat McGinnes   9/18/2012

"Y'all need to come up to Charleston, SC.... I was down there with my mom last week and felt like a kid in a candy store!!! Love your store! There is none like it up
here!!! Guess Ill have to visit more often!!"  Amy Richelle Dulin    9/14/2012

"My favorite place to shop for small children"   Patricia McGinnes   9/4/2012

"Today was my first day seeing the new store. It looks amazing! So much space & set up so nicely. I love it! & Aiden was begging me to go back to play. Good job
twinkle twinkle staff the store looks great!"  Shannon Lowthorp   9/1/2012

"I was wowed by your new location! The play areas were HUGE, the boutique was beautiful and the resale space was enormous, and the aisles were so spacious, I
won't have to feel bad hauling in my big stroller that will no longer block the aisles! It was a great store before, but now it has the great space it deserved to match!"   
Lacey Ellis   8/23/2012

"Everyone was very helpful and when I couldn't find something there was always somebody there to help. I have sold many things with you guys and you have
been fair with the prices. I really appreciate that. I'm very happy you are so picky with the items you take in. Everything is in good shape. Which is very nice."     
Lisa Howard   8/10/12

"The girls are very helpful and friendly. There are great items at reasonable prices. The items are gentle worn or nearly new. The store has all the bases pretty much
covered as far as clothing, accessories and rental equipment. Inventory is amazing."    Debbie Tedesco   8/9/12

"Very helpful with any questions I had. Much better than other consignment shops. Most all of the consignment items appeared to be in very good condition.  I
love that you have the new cloth diapers, as they are so hard to find in a store." Natalie 7/9/2012

"You Must visit this Store!!! whether its to shop,rent the baby items, or to get some extra cash for you childrens no longer played with toys and gently used
clothing that they grew out of...or even your maternity clothes!! I love this store and the staff is always friendly and knowledgeable about their products! its a small
store but soo many great quality things to find! the invetory is always changing you never know what you will find! i reccommend this resale store to any
parent/grandparent/visitor to naples and/or full time resident!" NaplesMomma   4/6/2012 on

"Everyone was very helpful, help me find a hat and a plaid shirt for a farmer costume for my 6 year old boy. He was very happy." Lorna Jumelle    3/19/2012

"Store is Massive I felt like a kid in a candy store"     Liz Piazza       3/7/2012

"Devon is always very helpful. I love the prices why buy new when you can buy almost new. I have been going to your store for at least three years. I love that
you bring your kids to work. I am very lucky to be able to bring my daughter to work with me as well. So I am always impressed when I see other employers let the
employees bring their children (shows the really great character of the owner)."   Judith Ryan  2/29/2012

"Most of the girls are always friendly and helpful. I am in the store at least once a week :-)  3/4 of my daughter's clothing probably come from this store (and we
have a ton)! I find great deals all the time and love the coupons!"    Leah Bedi    2/25/2012

"Loved the idea of moms being able to bring their children to work with them. Everyone was helpful and I got to hold one of the girls babies to get my grandma fix. I
think as a small business owner myself,you are doing everything right. The rental and airport service here in Naples was genius!  I was excited to get in an see what
was inside when I saw the sale racks out front......another great business move. Great job. I spent $138.00 and could have left with double that! I will bring my
daughter here when she visits with the baby in a couple weeks."  Julie Cole   2/19/2012

"The ladies are always so helpful and knowledgeable, especially Devon! Very good prices, especially for maternity saver for me! So far I have found
everything I have been looking for and the coupons are great..Well worth it since there is such a great variety of merchandise. I have come in to the store several
times and always find great deals on things I need!  I will be back and tell people about the store all the time."     Allison Kearns     2/11/2012

"Everyone was very nice and friendly. Loved it, especially the clearance prices. I was very surprised about the quality of the clothes, very impressed for a
consignment shop. A bigger place would be great for more room to display all items but I loved the selection."     Maricela Gonzalez     2/8/2012

"The service is always kind and helpful. The items are priced just right. Quality is awesome! I can always find something I need and or want for my family! The
store is like WOW I cant believe how much stuff there is its awesome to be able to walk around in a store of things I actually need, want and like close at hand and I
can find it fast. I haven't rented but I have seen people come into rent and the items are top notch and the service is always friendly to the other customers. I think
pretty soon with all the business they are going to need a bigger store because they are growing so fast!"     Jennifer Casper     2/06/2012

"Every one was nice and I got help when I need it. Thanks for heaving a store were we can go get good things for our kids. Everything that we've gotten has been in
good shape. I love that they make you feel like family.I love the store and the staff are super nice. Thanks!"    Jessica Hernandez     1/29/2012

"Sale rack is a great value. Everything seems to be in good condition.. You have a large selection of everything baby. Love the store, there is a lot of stuff for a small
store, but every time I go I see something I didn't notice before."    Robyn Cruz    1/24/2012

"Friendly staff, & always available to help. Can't get better price anywhere. Good quality thats why I keep coming back to the store. Excellent, its easy to find
stuff. Keep up the good work!!!!"    Katy Valdez   1/23/2012

"......I LOVE your store and your services!  You have come up with a phenomenal business venture and I sincerely hope you are doing well with it. I've been
shopping there every season for the last 3 years to stock up on "summer clothes", rental of high chairs, etc and stocking up on age appropriate fun toys.  For sure
I'll be by again a couple of times to stock up before my little guys arrive in March."   Sun Donlon   1/20/2012

"Wanted to thank you for all your information. Will def recommend to all my Naples , Bonita and FM friends. Awesome place!"   Christina Miller 1/11/2012

"Everyone was very helpful in answering questions and offering suggestions, and I found exactly what I came in to buy. Prices are always very reasonable! Like any
second hand shop some items are more worn than others, but I always find something of good quality for a great price and am happy with the quality. Sometimes
the sheer volume of stuff in the store is overwhelming however! Have been shopping here since you opened." Katie Betz 12/1/2012

"It was great to have someone help me find everything I needed. The store has a so much to offer. Prices were good for the items I purchased haven't shopped the
entire store yet. The products I saw in the store look, clean pretty new and popular brands." Priscilla Elvira 10/11/2011

"I am always greeted by excellent customer service. I think they are great because i even get brand new items as well. The quality is of the highest because they carry
all the big brand names in baby care." Natalie McDonald 9/15/2011

"I was greeted as I entered store, everyone was so friendly.I loved the $1 rack and I was so happy to get an item for one cent!" Kathy Lowers 9/9/2011

"A very positive experience - was greeted as soon as I entered store and was shown the section of the store that contained what I was looking for. Well organized:
lots of merchandise. As an aunt to a newborn - I am so pleased that I am able to find reasonably priced item here in Naples - outstanding - I will be back" Diane
O'Neil 9/7/2011

"Friendly staff as soon as you walk thru the door. Very helpful when I asked questions. Price is very affordable and 3 pairs of shoes I bought for grand kids were in
excellent condition. I think you have just about everything to offer."  Denise Carruthers  8/12/2011

"Customer service is excellent.. Prices are great .Quality is very good. You carry everything a parent would need for a child. On a scale of 1 to 5 and 5 being the best,
I give it a 5." Abby Fuller   7/22/2011

"Everyone was very friendly and answered all of my questions. This was my first time at the store. I thought the majority of the offerings were priced well. You
can tell the store only accepts gently used items. Everything looks clean and quality. I thought it was great. A bit overwhelming for me since I'm pregnant for the
first time and overwhelmed as it is, but loved that their were even maternity clothes. Someone mentioned it to my husband. We're unexpectedly pregnant with
twins, new to Naples, with all of our family and friends over a thousand miles away. Since this was unexpected we have no health insurance and are not prepared. A
friend suggested this store to us to get what we need at a reasonable price since money is very tight. I'm thankful to have this store since it helps make me feel like
everything's going to be ok." Katie Peterson 6/20/2011

"Prices could of not been any cheaper. We loved the prices. There was so much to chose from we ran out of time looking. You have it all. The store was very big
and the customer service was excellent." Kara Lynn Harris 5/23/2011

"The girls there are always so welcoming and helpful. The prices are great and more than fair! The items which they carry are in great condition, I've never had a
problem with items I've bought. I love the store, it's well equipped with a little of everything! I found out about the store about a year ago when going to dinner in
the plaza.  I've been a customer ever since!" Laura Mendecino 5/11/2011

"Upon entering I was greeted in a very friendly manner and directed toward the section I needed. The prices certainly seemed reasonable. At the time I was
searching for maternity clothes. Now I will be returning to hopefully pick up those last few items I need for my peanut before his arrival in a few weeks. Quality
and selection seemed great! Who knew you could still find the john lennon real love line anywhere?!?!? Great to see a store like this in Naples!"    Becky
Armstead     3/20/2011

"Very friendly staff, very willing to help and polite at check out. I feel your prices were amazing. I have shopped at Once Upon A Child and feel you had so much
more to offer, much better prices and friendlier staff!" Brittany Cordero 2/13/2011

"Was greeted when I walked around the store...everyone seemed very pleasant. Prices were excellent for the quality of items. Seemed well organized and clean, well
run." Andrea Self 2/9/2011

"Excellent/friendly customer service. Good prices/great condition of product. Again, great condition. Enjoyable experience, clean, well-organized...have told many
friends about TTLS!" Julie Gould 2/8/2011

"Customer service is very good, friendly, knowledgeable. $1.00 sale is great!  Also love the coupons. Quality is also very good, nice brands." Alison North 1/9/2011

"The customer service was excellent. We were greeted right away when entering the store. The prices were the best around. We live in Ft Myers and it's worth the
drive. We make the extra drive because of the lower prices and the great quality of the items. At first, the store is a bit overwhelming for a new mother, but once you
know what you're looking for or what you need, all of those choices are greatly appreciated. Great Job and thank you for providing such a high quality store." Kari
Kennedy 1/18/2011

"Very nice and helpful on the phone! The prices are unbeatable! Seem to be very up to date!" Holly File 1/6/2011

"Customer Service is great, I am always greeted right away, treated kindly and offered help if needed. Price is very reasonable. Can fit everyone's budget. Quality is
Great!! for being used items, Most like brand new!! Some items are even brand new never used/open! I think that the store has everything and then some.  Its my
favorite store of all time, but would love to see a bigger store i guess, there is a lot of stuff. :) I personally have not rented, but I know someone who has rented from
the store before. She said, they were very well priced, had good quality products, delivered items to her home and even set up the items for her. Thanks so much!!
The Store & Staff have been so good to me and my family! it all has been such a big help! Happy New Year! Best Wishes for the staff & store throughout 2011!!"
Andrea Morgan 1/1/2011

"I love the store..I have gone there several times and always had a good experience. Price can not be beat! Some are very nice. Brand new even. It is very nice and
nice area. it is very crowded right now.. but i know you guys donate and are trying to expand and have limits on items you buy, because of being over stocked.. You
guys are a great store...because of you my life has been easier and cheaper! Theres no place like it! Keep up the good work!! The store is Definitely going to go far!"
Andrea Morgan 11/19/2010

"I just love how you go in and they ask if you are looking for something specific and if you say no they leave you alone to shop and look. I like the prices and the
fact you can even bargain too. The quality is always great. the stuff has no or minimal tears, doesn't smell, and no stains that Ive seen. Its inviting and just fun to
walk around and see the new stuff." Salina  11/14/2010

"Your girl who answered the phone when I called to ask questions about power wheels was very helpful and friendly" Kerri Spagnuolo 10/27/2010

"It was Great. When I walked in the lady at the counter immediately asked if I was looking for any thing after I told her I just wanted to look she didn't bother me
like most sales associates do. Prices were very good and I found a lot of things I wanted to purchase. Every thing looked in good condition. Cute, I especially loved
the kids play area." Krista Cole 10/24

"It was awesome! I love the prices. The Best. Everything was organized very well. Keep up the good work." Judy Ryan 10/15/2010

"Cheryl and another woman were at the counter when I walked in and both greeted me warmly. Both were very kind and offered to keep my armful of items at the
counter while I shopped. We chit chatted a little and I was made to feel very welcome! I think the prices are good. After visiting once upon a child in Bonita last
week I was happy to see shirts and pants for my son at lower or the same prices...not higher! The quality is great for used clothing. I like the selection and options!
I love the new remodel. Things are still a little packed, but better organized. I'm very thankful that you were able to take some of my items. Like I said I went to
Once Upon a Child and they did not take ONE THING! I'm so happy that you were able to help me out in getting my son some new school clothes!" Beth
Housewert   8/24/2010

"I love your store. It has been such a saving grace to me as I am hard for money. Your store has made it possible for me to buy all the things I need for my son and
not just a few things brand new." Robin Yanda  8/9/2010

"So glad I found you guys!!- lots of great buys for less!! Practically new stuff - great!  In this are a blessing! Good quality stuff! Practically new &
some new! Thanks for your service with a smile : ) "  Ile Ramos 6/29/2010

"I think your store is fantastic. I really enjoy myself every time I stop in. The prices are unbeatable. Quality is outstanding, like new. Even though the store was
being remodeled the past 2 times I was in, everything was still very clean, neat and organized."  Leah Bedi 5/31/2010

"Love the fact that you can come in and work for in store credit, its great for young moms who cant afford everything! Ill be in to do some work!"  Kesi Bertrang

"I am a regular shopper and always find great customer service...  I have also rented and this is a great benefit that you offer.  I have recommended you several times
to friends and co workers"
Melanie Bonyman 2/13/2010

"One of the best kids consignment stores I have visited" Brandi Cone 02/12/2010

"Cheryl is always very nice and helpful. I bought a pair of 3 1/2 tennis shoes.  Only 5.99.  my daughter loves them. They have Ambercrombie and Limited Too.  
My girls love them. I think everything is great. Lots and lots of stuff. Love the store.  Especially love that we can trade." Lenore Vitale 02/11/2010

"Customer service is great! They remembered me from my previous visit when I was pregnant. I think it is great! I love the savings and being able to earn credit.
They are in great shape. I have never found holes or stains on anything I bought.... I think it is a great little store that is packed with great deals! I love the store and
I hope it is here for a long time!" Michelle Johnston 02/06/2010

"Cheryl kept the store open later so we could finish shopping!  =) Prices are good!  I really find something I love in great quality every time I visit." Jennifer

"I do really love your store, just wish I had more reasons to shop! I've bought gifts for my niece - she is turning 1 in January (but I have no kids :-) I've got to come
back in and check out the women's clothes you have now when I get a free lunch break. I wish you continued success - your store is just the kind people need in this
economy, and I hope people take advantage of it so you can keep doing what you do!" Katie Betz 11/9/2009 by email

"Those of you posting that you need baby items and have very little money, please check out Twinkle Twinkle Little Store in Naples (in the Outback plaza off of
US 41). They are a baby and kid resale shop. Lots of baby gear, clothes, toys, etc. for very low prices. I don't work for them, I just love their shop. Please check it
out, you will find some great deals on much-needed items - they always have things like bouncy chairs, play mats, breast pumps, etc. plus tons of clothes (all
sizes)." Customer on Craigslist 10/26/09

"I was happy with the value for the items I bought.  Name brand clothes that I could try on before buying. I am pleased with the quality. Very well organized and a
great place for my baby girl to play. Kayla really enjoyed playing with Jade" Heather Wallace 10/16/2009

"The staff were great. Very helpful. Your prices can't be beat. Thanks for providing a service we need in this area." Leslie Prizant 10/16/2009

"Sales person was very informative and helpful. Great prices on very well kept, used items. Great quality, we enjoy everything we purchased. Lots of items, a real
bargain. Keep up the great work, I will be back soon for more great deals." Angela Mitchell 9/27/09

"It was a great baby store that I found really nice items for my grandson!  Thanks" Janice Murcer 9/26/09

" I was greeted with a smile and while shopping my 3 year old enjoyed the play area. Most prices are good - especially the sale racks and the toys. Quality is
wonderful, practically new and very clean. You've done a great job thus far. The maternity expansion has been a great plus. I love it! You offers an incredible variety
of merchandise. Just keep up the good work". Joleana Chandler 9/8/2009

"I think that the store is a great thing since babies grow up and out of everything so fast.." Michelle Johnston 9/5/09

"Customer service is polite and helpful. Even kept store open late b/c I was still shopping.I went on $1 day. It was amazing!!! High quality clothes. Some items
even had tags on them! I look forward to being on the mailing list and returning again" Jessica Sikka 9/2/09

"I did have a great experience it was wonderful. I found some cute lil items plus a great travel swing for a great price. Prices were great, especially when you have 3
little ones all under 3. I think the quality was great.. The travel swing I bought was practically brand new.  You had just about everything I could possibly look for"
Melissa Salyer 8/5/2009

"Both girls were really nice and very friendly, very well priced, very good quality. I was kind of relieved, I found so many items at a discounted price and things
that I know my baby is not going to use for a long time and I didn't have to spend a ton of money on. I'm very happy you girls are in town! Keep up the good
work" Greta Menacho  8/3/2009

"Very friendly staff,  very reasonable pricing - especially on maternity clothes ;), excellent quality - like new. It seems that you have it all covered. Cheerful, clean,
child-friendly environment I'm so happy you opened this store in Naples!" Kristi Bechtold 6/28/09

"I love your store! I am so glad that I found you! I haven't had a lot of time to come in, but I am for my son, or any future kids we have! Thanks for a great store!"
Jennifer Conley-Laper 6/28/09

"Thank Goodness They Are Here. I always love coming to this store, I am really short on money right now, and so I can save here. I also like to help out with their
Twinkle CoOp program when i have time so that i can earn more money to get stuff for my newborn. thank goodness these great gas are here, i don't know what i
would do to get most of my things." Lisa   6/27/2008

"Rated FIVE STARS By Yahoo! Local Users" 6/15/2009

"This store is the best, you can find great clothes, gear, etc. at awesome prices. I don't think I'll be going back to Babies R' Us anytime soon :)"
Naples Mom   

"Enjoyed my first visit and have passed out several of your cards. Look forward to shopping for my grandkids again in the near future." Julie Becker   4/27/2009   
by email

"Hello, I have visited Naples and your store two weeks ago. I love your store, the merchandise was great I have purchased several designer dresses for my daughter
for a fraction of the retail price... PS. You have a great selection and good prices, I will definitely visit again." Beata Collazo   3/23/2009   by email

Regarding our $.99 Sale "This is great.  Thanks for sharing.  Everyone should take advantage of this and pick up things for next school year."

"I have been to your store and bought a baby bathtub and some clothes and I recommend you to my friends locally who vacation in Ft Myers, Bonita, Naples, and
Marco. I even mentioned you at my Mom's club meeting on Vacation ideas.  :)" Jennifer McGrail  3/11/2009  by email

" so excited to hear about your store!!!  Its so cute, pretty cheap...and its just plain out amazing!!" Destinee   2/20/2009    by email

"LOVE your store....boy have you filled a much needed 'niche' in this area.  Had so much fun there...bought the car seat base and a Bumbo, Boppy, Baby Bjorn and
will rent the Nature Sound Swing for next week. Thanks a million, Kathi Ferrara" 1/15/2009  by email

"This place is awesome...There are so many families that cannot afford Holiday clothing, BUT here is a place that has what you need affordably....Go check them
out..... "
BoosMom   12/16/2008

"this is a great store, you can find very new brand name clothes for very cheap, and really great gently used clothes for next to nothing... they have alot of other nice
things for great prices besides clothes,, strollers, pack'n plays. high chairs, toys, costumes, hair accessories, too much stuff to even remember... but you could go in
there and get everything you need to bring a baby home, minus feeding stuffs..."
G*Girl       9/20/2008

The only consignment or resale children's store left in Naples, and thankfully it is nice and boutique like plus they rent baby gear. The two owners are moms and
super friendly. The only problem is that their store is getting too small for what they do!
Guest58104    6/14/2008

"I just wanted to take the time to say it was a great experience dealing with Twinkle Twinkle Little Store.  Thanks for being so accommodating with the special
pickup.  It was nice dealing directly with the owners of a company.  It was apparent from the get go you actually cared about our trip.  I will post some positive
reviews about our dealings and wish you guys the best success with your store."
Ben Ferenzi  3/2008    by email
4172 Tamiami Trail North
Naples, Florida 34103
Half mile south of
Pine Ridge Rd at
Shady Rest Lane


Mon - Sat 9am-6pm
and Sun 10am-4pm
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